Class Descriptions

Preschool Dance – Ages 3 & 4
A ballet based class with focus on locomotor skills and creative movement. Children will develop coordination, musical awareness and listening skills.


Children’s Dance – Ages 5 & 6
Designed as an extension of our preschool class with a faster tempo and more concentration on technique, rhythm and timing.


Ballet/Jazz – Ages 7 to 9
This combo class is a continued study of ballet, while introducing the styles of jazz.


The core of all dance disciplines. Students will learn ballet technique and terminology, as well as develop strength and flexibility.


Students will learn traditional jazz techniques with the use of isolations and progressions.


For the advanced ballet student, this class is offered by teacher recommendation only.


Tap – Ages 5 to adult
A percussive dance form with the focus on rhythm and timing.


Funk – Ages 8 & up
Movement in this class is based on the current trends in the dance industry.


Tumbling – Ages 5 & up
Basic floor tumbling with the goal of increased flexibility.


Special Needs
An imaginative and fun class encompassing various styles of dance for our students with special needs.


Class Schedule for 2022-2023

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While we use age as a guideline, please keep in mind that every student progresses at a different pace. A student typically spends at least two years in each level. Our instructors will know when it is the right time for your child to advance.

Day Studio 1 Studio 2
4:30 4-Yr-Old Dance
5:15 Tap III/IV
6:00 Alumni
5:00 Mini Funk I (5-7)
5:30 Funk I (8-10)
6:15 Funk II (11-13)
7:00 Tap V
7:45 Jazz V
4:30 Ballet I
5:15 Jazz I
5:45 Tap I
6:15 Ballet IV
7:15 Pointe II
8:00 Ballet V
5:15 Jazz III/IV
6:15 Ballet III
7:15 Pointe I
4:30 Tiny Tap
5:00 Children’s Dance
5:45 Ballet II
6:45 Jazz II
7:30 TapII
5:00 Ballet/Jazz
5:45 Tumbling I
6:30 Tumbling II
4:15 3-Yr Old Dance
4:45 Beg. Tap (7+)
5:15 Ballet/Jazz
6:15 Beg/Int Adult Tap
7:00 Adv Adult Tap
6:00 Modern I/II
7:00 Modern III
8:00 Funk III
9:30 Special Needs
10:30 3-Yr Old Dance
11:00 4-Yr Old Dance
11:45 Children’s Dance
12:30 Tiny Tap
11:45 Ballet/Jazz
 Day Studio 1 Studio 2


Class Rules, Policies & Payment


We require that all students wear proper dance attire to their classes. The more you look like a dancer, the better you will dance. Any color leotard and tights may be worn. All long hair must be pulled back in a ponytail or a bun.

  • Ballet Class: Leotard, tights, ballet skirts, and ballet shoes. Teachers must be able to see the lines of your body to make proper corrections. All students enrolled in Ballet I & up MUST wear a leotard and tights to class. No exceptions.
  • Jazz Class: Leotard, tights, biker shorts, jazz pants, and jazz or ballet shoes are acceptable.
  • Funk Jazz/Tap: Any of the above is acceptable, but NO JEANS are to be worn to class. Tap shoes for tap class. Jazz shoes are now required for funk jazz class.
  • Tumbling: T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, and lightweight tennis shoes are to be worn. All shirts must be tucked in.



Regular attendance to class is encouraged, however we know that there will be times when you have to miss. It is our policy at The Dance Connection that we do not offer refunds or credit for missed classes. We suggest that your child make up the missed class by attending another class of your choice at the proper level. Missed classes should be made up by the end of the month in which the initial class was missed.


All payments are due during the first week of the month. Our payment schedule is based on a 4 class per month basis over a 9-month period. The June classes and months with 5 weeks make up for vacation time. We accept cash, check, card, or quick pay. Please make sure that you receive a receipt from us when you make a payment. It helps to clear up any questions, should you have any. There will be a $10.00 fee for all returned checks.